prozessraum AG assists you in your organizational development. We specialize in increasing the corporate efficiency by using a holistic toolbox.

We leverage our experience in many industries, including the financial service industry, pharmaceuticals and the retail industry. We also support our clients in the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and what’s known as Digitalization are able to add additional value by having our holistic process management approach incorporated with the two new topics. We offer services in German, English, Italian and French.

With us, you do not acquire any individual tools, but an integrated service – entirely in line with the Lean principles – just to deliver you the value add you would expect.

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21. September 2017
Another satisfied client with a successful Robotics-PoC
Robotics-Implementation (PoC) a success

10. Mai 2017
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Job well done from prozessraum

10. April 2017
Our new Issue of our newsletter “Process break”, this time about Robotics

10. March 2017
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07. March 2017
Release your potential leveraging Robotics today

10. Januar 2017
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12. December 2016
How digital is your business? Do you still use paper or leveraging an electronic workflow already?