Lean Administration; RPA (Robotic process automation); digitale Transformation; Lean Office; Lean Office Schweiz; Lean Office Zürich; Organisationsentwicklung Zürich; Organisationsentwicklung Schweiz; Prozessmanagement Zürich; Prozessmanagement Schweiz; Lean Beratung; Business Process Management; Begleitung in Veraenderungsprozessen; Lean; Management; digital Transformation; Digitalization; Black Belt; Lean Six Sigma; strukturiertes Vorgehen; offen; ehrlich; transparent; ganzheitlich; Organisationsentwicklung; BPM; 5 lens; 5 Dimensionen; Projektmanagement, Prozessmanagement; Visuelles Management; BPMN; Prince2; House of Excellence; Qualität verbessern; Fehler reduzieren; effizienter Arbeiten; Prozessverbesserungen; Projektmanagement nach Lean Six Sigma; strukturiertes Projektvorgehen; Prozessorientierung; Team by Team; Train the Trainer; Coach the Coach; Feedback Kultur; VSM; Wertstromanalyse; Value Stream Mapping; Brownpaper Technik; Workshop; Führen durch Vorbild; Frauen in der Führung; Prozessvision; Prozessvisionen gestalten; Unternehmen im Wandel; Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf; Bornout - Information und Prävention;
Optimierung; Coaching; Mentoring; Ressourcen und Potenzial frei legen; Invidualitaet staerken; Entwicklung; Teamentwicklung; Staerken und Faehigkeiten entwickeln; Auswirkungen auf positiven Unternehmenserfolg; Lean Office; Adminstrationsprozess verbessern; Suchzeiten verringern; Doppelspurigkeiten verringern; Lean Management; Change Management; Continuous Improvement; KVP; kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess; Kulturwandel; Organisationsentwicklung; Waste; Verschwendung; Kaizen; Verbesserung der Qualitaet; Effizienz; Effektivitaet; High performing Team; Zufriedene Kunden; Verbesserung der Kommunikation; Problem; Ursache; Massnahme; Aufbau; Management auf Zeit; Kosten sparen; Effizienz; Effektivität; New way of Work;

Our consulting services cover the following sectors:

  • Operational Excellence (OpEx)
    We analyze specific processes or teams based on five dimensions. In doing so, we use a toolbox which enables us to consider all required themes and points in a structured approach to gain a full picture. This enables  50% of capacity to be freed up alongside processes or within teams.
  • Lean Office
    We define Lean as the provision of services at the lowest possible cost (personnel, financial) and the greatest possible benefit for the customer (revenue, customer satisfaction). In the process, we ensure that customer expectations are met – but only exceeded conditionally (costs). Capacity gains normally range from 20% – 30%.
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
    Computers can currently carry out relatively complex processes independently, provided there are no cognitive abilities required (e.g. risk assessment in individual customer accounts). The relevant technology is well tried and tested and when combined with holistic corporate development, allows capacities of up to 80% to be freed up, which can then be invested in research and development for example.
  • Digital transformation
    Digitization refers to the digitization of a process for the customer. Imagine eliminating the need to go to the post office counter for mailing services and being able to process all services online instead (with the letter picked up by the postman in person). This is what we mean by “digitization”. We are more than happy to help you exploit your potential and boost value that will impress customers. At the same time, capacity savings of at minimum 10-20% are common.
  • Project management
    Conventional project management relies on abundant experience and 70% of projects fail (for many reasons). Trust our professionals to reduce failures and tap into our wealth of knowledge.