prozessraum is your prime contractor for efficiency improvement

We from prozessraum know the challenges of our clients well since we helped dozens of them already to solve them. With the increased complexity, it becomes more and more important to not only get specific specialists but many different ones. That’s how we come into play. We offer solutions, starting from project management, to compliance but as well complex risk and finance efficiency programs. We will work out what exactly your challenge is and help you to solve it. With the wide partnership of prozessraum, you can be assured to always have the right expert for your problem and to support you in shaping and creating your strategy. We are committed to deliver on a basis of a project mandate the agreed deliverables.

Decreasing costs, increase flexibility and better client service can be contradicting. To find the optimum of these three dimensions, an analysis on process, the capabilities of the company, the skills of the employees, the IT and other departments are required to gather a holistic view. The expertise which the single topics require, can only be provided from consulting firms as prozessraum, adding value to our clients through our big network of firms, skills and capabilities.

ADP - Your Projects - Our Business


Consulting. Our established experts with proven track records have been providing you with consultancy services since 1999, in particular, in the financial services sector. Our personnel will ensure success for every phase of your project: planning, kick-off, delivery, closure and even turnaround.

Our consultants are so experienced that they’ll integrate themselves immediately into your organization, helping you to boost your performance, secure your investments and achieve your goals from the outset.


…is highly educated, has significant consulting experience, is a subject matter expert, and has worked with market leaders

…integrates themselves into your organization quickly and is productive from the moment they arrive

…performs with dedication and focus to support you best possible

AMPS - Projektleitung und Business Analyse

AMPS was founded in 2001 and has grown continuously ever since.

Positioned as a strong provider of services in the field of project management for financial services companies, AMPS employs more than 25 highly qualified and motivated employees today. They are the asset of AMPS. Thanks to continuous training and mutual exchange of experiences, we ensure that our employees meet the requirements of our customers.

We have many years of experience in the implementation of projects in the financial sector. Among our clients are universal banks, private banks, insurances and consulting firms.

AMPS provides professional support for projects and can make a significant contribution to the success of the project.

We specialize in the field of financial services and focus on quality and competence. In order to ensure this, all our employees have a sound education in banking and information technology, as well as many years of project experience in the areas of project management, business analysis, quality assurance and system integration.

As a result of our experience and education, we understand the requirements arising from an area of expertise and are able to pass it on to the IT system in a structured form.

Arbos IT - Schnittstelle zwischen Business und IT

The founder and CEO, Alex Strupler, has been working in the field of Information Technology for around 20 years and has brought this start-up company to life in order to create an ideal interface between business and information technology. Today, owing to the constantly rising demands and increasing complexity of the IT solutions, business and IT often do not get along very well. This, however, should not be the case.

Just like a tree, we connect our most important values for trustworthy IT solutions, such as stability, flexibility, durability, adaptability and sustainability.

Alex Strupler has a Masters degree in Business Analysis and possesses many years of experience in advising managements and business departments. With a tremendous understanding of the business processes of the customers, he understands and speaks both the languages, that of Information Technology and that of the business world. This advantage will quickly become apparent in the daily work, and you will notice it already in our first meeting – contact me without any obligation, and I will convince you of the uniqueness of an ideal IT-Business alignment.

References: We have references in financial, media, energy and charitable sectors.

Customer Focus


We love to activate the hidden added value by continuous improvements and support companies to transform their Service Operations from “Best Effort” to “Best Practice” level.

Marion SCHMID - CHANGE Management

Are you currently in the process of introducing a new strategy? Will you, thereby, change the responsibilities, bring together different corporate cultures, initiate a relocation into new premises, implement new IT solutions or make the required adjustments to the legal and regulatory environment?

The implementation path is often selected by the project and process management and therefore, you have already a good part of your project covered.

Changes in the organization in ever shorter periods of time, however, also mean a major area of tension, both for your employees, as well as for your managers. I can be of help here. With competence and passion, I will support you, along the leadership elements, by advising you on the concept right up to the implementation with training, workshops and coaching. And I will continue to support you even after the implementation.

  • Change Management
    • Advice and support of managers in the change phases
  • Personality development
    • Coaching for managers and employees
  • Seminars & trainings
    • Sensitization on the topic of change, strengthening of resilience and much more
  • Change Management in projects
    • Classic project management

SCHMID CHANGE  is an ideal additional pillar of the offers of prozessraum – to ensure, you are optimally supported in your management challenges during the change phase.


Synpulse ist ein etabliertes, international tätiges Management-Consulting-Unternehmen und geschätzter Partner renommierter Finanzdienstleister auf nationaler und globaler Ebene. Unseren Kunden bieten wir seit der Firmengründung 1996 ausgezeichnete Lösungen und ermöglichen ihnen damit eine hohe Wertschöpfung. Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden bei der Erarbeitung von Strategien und deren operativer Umsetzung bis hin zur technischen Implementierung.

Zenegaglia Lean Management

Power of Process

consulting, analysing, changing, delivery…

Are you looking for someone to support and guide you through your company’s change?
Do you want to increase your efficiency and use your ressources optimal?
You do not have time to analyse your problems and work on solutions? Or even implement them?
Would you like to make your employees aware about the value stream and process optimization?
Zenegaglia LEAN Consulting supports you – You focus on your core business!

“With applying a structured method and according to the topic tailored tool, I will deliver the desired changes.

At the same time, I will lead efficiency improvement and optimization projects, will moderate workshops and deliver trainings on the topic of efficiency improvement and workflow management.“

For the concrete challenges of your company, I will work on solutions and will involve you as much as desired and required.