Implemention of Robotics in IT Security – 2 Month

Our client, a Bank in Zurich, is operating a 24×7 security operations center “following the sun”, globally to monitor and manage scam, cyber attacks and other IT security incidents from the internet. The process setup grew historically and with it, the volume of work to be handled daily. Client enquiries and security incident reports were reported via e-mail to the security operations center. To process them, many process steps were required first to gather all the relevant information from internal and external databases and then to notify, track and escalate with the 3rd-party hosting providers and other involved parties and governements. With the increased volume, a backlog of several thousand cases piled up.The team of prozessraum was mandated to conduct a process analysis and advise on specific countermeasures to reduce the backlog significantly. Out of the actions, the client decided to implement the following measures:

  • contact forms on the website only (no unstructured e-mail anymore)
  • actively managed and monitored process with KPIs and cycle time measurement
  • automated processing of the data gathering with robotics software
  • automatic escalation to the 3rd party vendors, including monitoring of the reaction
  • specialising of the employees

Goal: no backlogs anymore and 85% automation of the process

Global efficiency improvement program – 24 month

Our client is faced with declining margins and therefore has to reduce costs. To accomodate to the changing market environment, several initiatives were initiated which are led by our professionals. In parallel, we cover on average 60 FTEs and about 100 processes per project and location.

  • Facilitate training and introduce the new way of work to team member, team leader and senior management
  • Management and facilitation of workshops and meetings in the various locations within Europe in the regional language
  • Implementing capacity management for more than 100 processes and 60 FTEs on average
  • Alignment with C-Level management in banking operations to ensure an aligned approach on updated business challenges
  • Actions taken on operational risk revealed

Target: Efficiency savings of at least 15%. Achieved: On average, 25%

Global analysis of Operating-Model and Process in credit risk rating

Our client had already conducted several process analysis to reveal the problems associated with the everydays work. These initiatives however were not entirely successful, not achieving the cost targets nor the process improvements.

  • Conducting the global process analysis leveraging different techniques revealing a very fragmented process. One of the main driver to have the process setup very fragmented was the lack of the implementation of a global target operating model which was defined however, implemented different in all regions
  • To visualize and highlight the impact, we had to define and introduce global metrics. With this, we compared the regions according to key metrics resulting in the visualization of up to 80% performance difference
  • Conducted additional analysis to assess the regulatory impact in the various regions. The finding proofed no major regulatory impact between the regions

Based on our analysis, five new improvement workstreams were setup to address the process issues and to increase the teams capacity accordingly.

Global E2E Process Improvement

  • Holistic organizational development using the 5 Lenses approach, including building the company’s own internal Change/Lean-Organization
  • Teammember management, coaching and training of more than 50 employees worldwide in a matrix organization (Business Analysts, Change Managers, Project Managers, Data Architects and Portfolio Managers)
  • Coaching the managers and employees in various methods for the independent assumption and sustainable remediation of problems
  • Substantial improvements in the global processes
  • Company-wide quality assurance and prioritization of the requests submitted and active optimization of the input

Budget responsibility: >10 Mio.

Increase in efficiency: over 25%

Operational Excellence (OpEx)

  • Management of Lean transformation projects using the “5 Lenses” approach
  • Introduction of a new way of work with over 3500 employees
  • Business Analysis / Business Process Management – BPM
  • Introduction of a collaborations solution for multi-location communication
  • Coaching of management and introduction of a feedback culture at all levels
  • Development of a mission statement in collaboration with the managers, defining measures and carrying out the implementation
  • Organization of workshops for the improvement of the process efficiency, quality enhancement and for the simplification and standardization of the processes
  • Introduction of a culture of continuous improvement through appropriate tools
  • Standardization of processes
  • Centralization / outsourcing of processes

Increase in efficiency: over 25%

Management of an international initiative

  • Introduction of a new work culture with over 700 employees in EMEA “new way of work” (Lean Office)
  • Overall responsibility (development, implementation and management) of the initiative in financial operations and the establishment of “continuous improvement” (Lean Business Transformation)
  • Introduction of appropriate measures of the holistic improvement in the target dimensions (5 Dimensions)

Increase in efficiency: over 20%.

Value Stream Optimization

Analysis, designing, planning and implementation

  • of End-to-End processes (Value Stream Optimization) – starting at the customer’s order, through the company and its processes and back to the customer
  • of processes of competitors and benchmarking against them
  • of capacity management
  • of Key Performance Indicators – KPI’s

Increase in efficiency: over 20%.