Brown Paper Value Stream Mapping goes digital


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Brown Paper VSM workshops are easily done but...

as workshop leader you have a lot of tasks which have no ad value

  • Preparation time
  • Time consuming post processing
  • Storage and searching
  • Post-it drop
  • Difficulties to collaborate with Excel task list
  • Manual calculation of the cycle time and saving potentials
  • and many more...

Keep the workshop feeling and feel the digital power

Very easy tool to lead VSM Workshop with brown paper post-it feeling

  • Hold your iPad instead of the post-it's
  • Stream it via Notebook to a wide screen
  • Share it in real time with other locations
  • Zero preparation time
  • Post processing not needed
  • Easy to store and reuse
  • Integrated RCPS - Root Cause Problem Solving
  • Automatic calculation of the saving potential and cycle time
  • Easy handling of task list