VSM Tool - Definitions

Optimizing, standardizing and digitizing processes with our digital VSM Tool

To use our tool you need to know, how we’ve defined the definitions in our VSM Tool

Lead time

  • Waiting time (total of blue stickers)
  • + Cycle time (total of all yellow activity stickers)

Definition: Time from order to dispatch

Lead Time definition

VA (Value added time)

  • Total of all VA time on yellow stickers

NVA (non Value added time)

  • Total NVA time (total of all yellow activity sticker NVA time)
  • + Waiting time (total of all blue stickers)

Cycle time

VA + NVA (total time of all yellow stickers)

Definition: the time it takes to complete the production of a unit from start to finish

Calculation: Net production time /no. of units produced

Processing time

Time to complete the production of more than one unit

Takt time

Definition: Tact to complete a product to meet customer demand

Calculation: Net production time / customer demand

keep the workshop feeling and feel the digital power

Brown Paper VSM is digital

We made the VSM tool to digitalise your brown-paper post-it workshop. Very easy to use and immediate calculation of the cycle time, lead time and saving potential.

With the integrated support for Root Cause Problem Solving (RCPS) you have the possibility to track and edit all issues and measures with your team.

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